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European Constitutionalism in times of crises ΙΙ


2023-07-07 - 2023-07-31 ( 28 )


Μικτή μέθοδος διδασκαλίας

Υπεύθυνος Προγράμματος:
Triantafyllia (Lina) Papadopoulou
Η υποβολή αιτήσεων ολοκληρώνεται στις

European Constitutionalism in times of crises ΙΙ

Η υποβολή αιτήσεων ολοκληρώνεται στις



  • Σύντομη Περιγραφή

    The Center for Education and Lifelong Learning of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki welcomes you to the Summer School on “European Constitutionalism in times of crises ΙΙ”, a 28-hour programme which will be held both with physical presence in Thessaloniki and online, through the zoom platform.
    The Director of the Programme is Triantafyllia (Lina) Papadopoulou, Full Professor of Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the holder of the Jean Monnet Chair A.U.Th. “European Constitutional Law and Culture”.
    Professor Lina Papadopoulou studied Law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Bachelor 1993), Trier (LLM 1994) and Hannover (PhD 1998, on ‘Political Parties at European level’, Nomos 1999) as well as Political Theory at the London School of Economics (LSE, MSc 1999). She was a Post-doc ‘Marie Curie’ Fellow in the field of European Constitutional Law at the LSE (2000 and 2001, topic: ‘Towards a European bill of rights’) and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2001/02, topic: the reconciliation between European law and national constitutions). She has also taught at the Faculty of Political Science of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (European Studies and Constitutional Law, 2002/03), as well as for short periods through Erasmus at several Universities as a guest teacher or through LLP (LSE; Humboldt, Berlin, Hanover and Open University, Germany; Agder Kristiansand Norway; Perugia; Bahçeşehir & Kultür, Istanbul etc).
    She has participated in numerous research projects and has a large number of publications. Her primary areas of expertise include national, comparative and European constitutional issues and human rights, focusing on democracy and political parties, economy and the constitution, equality and non-discrimination, religion and the state, and bioethical issues.

    Start Date: 07/07/2023
    End of the course: 31/07/2023
    Duration: 28 hours
    Cost: 0
    Discount: –
    ECTS: 3
    Applications are submitted online from 06/03/2023 to 17/04/2023

  • Στόχος του προγράμματος

    The aim of the programme is to constitute the continuation of last year’s summer school on European Constitutionalism in Times of Crisis, in order to complete the educational cycle and to provide a comprehensive examination of the broader topic under consideration. Through the multi-dimensional lectures by distinguished speakers, the summer school seeks to provide each participant with the appropriate stimuli and tools for an insightful and dynamic research of the issue under consideration as well as to sculpt his/her skills. In this context, participants will have the opportunity to expand their horizons and engage in a fruitful and pluralistic scientific dialogue, through which they will understand and deepen their understanding of the themes under examination, cultivating and exchanging innovative ideas.

  • Μαθησιακά Αποτελέσματα

    Upon completion of the course, the participants are expected to enrich their educational background and acquire specialized knowledge in the topic under consideration, which will create the necessary foundations for the cultivation of innovative thinking. Furthermore, they are expected to have an adequate understanding of the issues underexamination, so that they will be able to formulate their own ideas in a well-founded and thorough manner, thus contributing to the evolutionary dynamics of the topic under examination.
    Also, they will be able to relate the acquired knowledge to different fields of knowledge, promoting interdisciplinary. In addition, participants are expected to acquire specialised problem-solving skills, cultivate their legal thinking and enhance their research skills in order to better respond to the demands of their scientific field.
    Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to strengthen the spirit of collaboration and teamwork through interactive lectures so that they can plan, manage and implement their research projects effectively, both individually and collectively. In addition, they are expected to learn to manage complex work problems, requiring new strategic approaches.
    They will therefore be prepared to take responsibility for their own contribution to professional knowledge and practice.

  • Κριτήρια επιλογής

    The programme is open to any person regardless of nationality – as it is conducted in English – age, sexual orientation, educational background and field of study. Therefore, not only law students and lawyers, but also people from other professional fields can participate.
    For the participation in the programme, the participants will need:
    ► Internet access
    ► Personal e-mail address
    ► Basic computer skills
    Selection criteria for candidates:
    – Academic background
    – Motivation letter
    – English Language Level

  • Μέθοδος Υλοποίησης

    The summer school will be conducted with enlightening lectures by highly qualified experts both in person and online.

  • Πρόγραμμα Σπουδών

    EU Democracy: 16 hours
    EU Foreign Policy, Solidarity & Russo-Ukrainian War: 6 hours
    EU Integration: 6 hours

  • Εκπαιδευτικό Υλικό / Παροχές

    The programme provides participants with:
    1. Educational material written by the lecturers
    2. Suggested bibliography and articles related to the themes of the Summer School
    Indicative reference:  European Commission, EU’s next long-term budget and NextGenerationEU, Key Facts and figures, 11 November 2020  G. Andreou, Solidarity in the EU after 2020; prospects for the cohesion “policy space”, Region and Periphery 13/2022  T. Sykas / F. Peonidis, Direct democracy in high school: An experiment from Greece, JSSE 21(3)/2022  P. Stangos / F. Peonidis, The European Citizens’ Assembly: A proposal, Athens: Papazissis Publishers 2022  Govaere, Promoting the Rule of Law in EU External Relations: A Conceptual Framework, College of Europe

  • Υποχρεώσεις και Δικαιώματα Εκπαιδευομένων

    Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. For the successful completion of the programme, the participants should:
    A) have attended all the teaching units. Absences may not exceed 10% of the scheduled training hours.
    B) have passed the exams. The exams will be conducted online with multiple-choice questions related to the topics addressed in the Summer School.
    Participants, who

  • Επικοινωνία

    For further information, please contact the Director of the programme, Professor Triantafyllia (Lina) Papadopoulou at her email address:

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