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The Center for Education and Lifelong Learning of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The Center for Education and Lifelong Learning is an independent academic unit of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and is responsible for the organization of all kinds of educational and training programs, which are not part of the formal education.

The Center was founded with the Ministerial Decision no. 229718/Z1/5-1-2018 (Government Gazette 4/5-1-2018, τ.Β’) and operates in accordance with the provisions of Law 4957/2022 and its Rules of Procedure.

The main goal of the educational programs and Summer Schools organized by the Center is to provide expertise, knowledge and skills that enhance the professional prospects and personality of the trainees, while helping them to become competitive in the labor market.

Ensuring high quality training services, the Center also offers specialized training programs for the staff of companies, organizations and agencies.

The educational programs of the Center are conducted in Greek or English, the courses are carried out either in person or remotely (synchronous and asynchronous education) or with blended teaching.

The successful completion of a program leads to the acquisition of a Certificate of Training or a Certificate of Specialized Training, while it is possible to provide a Supplemental Type Certificate. Those who attended an educational program but did not complete it successfully obtain a Certificate of Attendance.

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