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Discount Policy


The Center for Education and Lifelong Learning of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki has a specific discount policy which applies to programs that have tuition fees over €200 and have been approved by the Council of the Center and the Rector’s Council after 4/19/2022 (date of application of the amended Internal Regulation of Operation). Discounts are provided in order of priority and for up to 30% of all participants. There may be variations in specific programs. The discount policy is indicated in the Study Guide of each program. 

In specific: 

30% discount   

  • Staff working in Higher-educational Institutions and Research Centers of the country 
  • Students at Higher-educational Institutions 
  • Unemployed people  
  • European Youth Card holders 
  • People with disabilities 
  • Members of families with many children  

 15% discount  

  • Graduates of AUTh 
  • Participants of AUTh previous training courses 
  • Group registrations of 4 people or more in the same program 

The Center for Education and Lifelong Learning of AUTh reserves the right to change the discount percentage and other offers on the initial tuition prices, throughout the current study cycle without prior notice. Any changes do not concern those already registered. 

To receive the discount participants must submit to the Scientific Director of the program original supporting documents or certified copies, as well as the application form for the training program they wish to attend. 

In case of overdue submission or non-confirmation of the validity of the submitted supporting documents, the Center for Education and Lifelong Learning reserves the right to revoke the granted discount, as well as to demand back any resulting fee. 

Each participant is entitled to *only one* discount type of those mentioned above. 

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