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Winter Schools

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Winter Schools are specialized intensive educational programs that operate from September to May in an academic context and in a complementary way to the formal educational processes of AUTH. They are interdisciplinary and international and are addressed to undergraduate and postgraduate students, doctoral candidates, scientists and researchers from Greece and all over the world.

The duration of a Winter School cannot be shorter than 4 days and 4 teaching hours per day, while in any case it can be longer than 3 consecutive weeks. In the event that a longer duration is deemed necessary by the Scientific Director of the Winter School, a documented proposal may be submitted to the council of the Center.

The operation of a Winter School should be carried out in every available educational way and "medium": seminars, workshops, roundtables, working groups, advisory guidance actions, field exercises, educational trips or visits and other interactive activities. The language of instruction depends, on the one hand, on the international character of the Winter School and, on the other hand, on the specific subject of the program.

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