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  • Frankly, it was a chance for me to enrich my knowledge on some aspects of criminal
    law that I’m deeply interested but also, I had the chance to meet wonderful people that
    made the experience even more joyful and enriching. I really hope this summer school
    will continue its actions because it makes our university even more recognizable
    worldwide. Furthermore, it gives to us, the students of AUTH, the chance to meet well
    known professionals and achieve our academic goals.
  • A very productive week with interesting and useful insights for our
    professional/academic future! Amazing experience! It has responded 100% to my
    ambitions to get myself updated and also gain additional knowledge in the field of
    financial criminal law. Thank you very much!
  • Academics and professionals informed us concerning the latest developments in
    journalism and communication. I will apply for next year’s THISAM.
  • Really loved it and will take part in THISAM 2023
  • I really enjoyed this course it was very enlightening especially because of the vast
    range of topics covered with all the different professors!
  • It was an excellent experience which topics and issues focused on current serious
    concerns regarding the new post pandemic era. Many things were totally unknown to
    me, especially those related to the AI and new technologies in the fields of applications
    in the health system
  • More valuable and enlightening than I originally thought it would be! An amazing
    experience that has provided me with useful and practical tools I will be implementing
    for professional development.
  • A worthwhile, insightful and transformative experience.
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